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When it comes to advanced level of internet marketing or online marketing, SMO or Social Media Optimisation is an imperative element. Search Engine Optimisation is the preliminary option, whereas SMO is used for advanced level to gain better popularity and visibility for a website. Social Media Optimization is not spamming, although many service providers do spam, which leads to no results and sometimes negative results. Thus, to choose a good service provider, you have to be very careful.

OME SEO is Birmingham UK based Internet marketing company serving social media optimisation (SMO) serviceses from last 7 long years and mastered the field of online marketing with different meticulous ideas and strategies. Our premium Social Media Optimization Servicescan lead your business to the next level of success. We endorse social media marketing services in a low cost, but in an effective manner. High conversion rate, increased ROI and terrific website popularity – are what we guarantee for our SMO services.

Social network have got massive popularity in these days. Initially, these platforms were used for sharing photos, videos or having casual communication between friends. But, as soon as these platforms became popular, some other potential aspects of social media platforms have come out. Understanding these potential aspects and making them to work in a goal specific manner are the preliminary stage of social media marketing. If this preliminary step is done with accuracy, social media marketing can prove to be ‘magic wand’ for your virtual business. You can take a ride of success for your online based business with the help of right kinds of social media marketing tactics and techniques.


Well, many webmasters are confused in these days and often their hands tremble when it comes to link building through social media platforms. Some common myths say that social media links are considered as spam, whereas some of the others say search engines do not give value to these links, simply because they are no-follow. However, practically it has been proved that social media platforms help in getting indexed to the search engines list. That means, through social media website, you can index your link into the search engine’s list and that too within a quick span of time. This is not only one of the prime benefits of social media websites, but also a clear evidence of their impact over the search engines.

We have a talented and enthusiastic social media team with contemporary thoughts. Our team members can use social media platforms with unique thoughts and precisely planned strategies. They have profound knowledge in social networking and thus can connect your web-based business with the world. So, you can enjoy more visitors, and of course, more potential clients for your e-Business. Here are some benefits of SMO at a glance:

  • SMO helps in indexing of your web pages.
  • Social networking is a great platform for advertising and online brand value creating.
  • SMO strategies compliment SEO strategies and thus, make your online campaign stronger.
  • Great chances of having direct clients or customers through advertising in social media websites.
  • High chances of earning high profits.
  • High chances of increment of online visibility.
  • OME SEO provides seamless SMO services that will work in favour of our clients or customers. If you are looking for an Internet Marketing Company for excellent social marketing service, then OME SEO can be the best destination for you. We are not only specialist in a unified sector of internet marketing, but have strong skills in different internet marketing sectors. That is why we are highly reliable and our past records suggest our competency in this field.Social Media Tools with Examples:
    • Wikis (e.g. TWiki, wetpaint, Wikipedia)
    • Business Networking (Linked In, XING, eAcademy)
    • Blogs (e.g. Mashable!, Boing Boing, Dosh Dosh)
    • Social Bookmarking or Tagging (e.g. Digg, Reddit,
    • Collaborative Tools (e.g. Zimbra, zoho, Google)
    • Social Networking (e.g. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter)
    • Video Sharing (e.g. YouTube, Kyte)
    • Photo Sharing (e.g. Flickr, zoom, smugmug)
    • Audio Sharing (e.g. Blog Talk Radio, ODEO

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