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Social media has become a great platform to build a bridge between sellers of some services or products and potential buyers of those services or products. Social media is often used to make a business popular, through creating interactive contents, announcements and posters. Landing page is something that serves a business by increasing it sales. It should be interactive, properly or ethically designed and must be eye-catching enough to draw the attention of the visitors.

OME SEO is an online marketing service provider and truly an innovator of different online marketing techniques. From different and unique SEO techniques to salient social media methodologies – we have developed several techniques to promote client’s business. Providing high end solutions through excellent marketing ideas is what we commit to our clients and so far we have received encouraging feedbacks from our clients’ end. This inspires us to work more in an organised and creative manner. Like different social media techniques, we have mastered the art of creating landing pages. With our mobile landing page solutions, your business can be benefitted highly through conversion of potential clients into loyal clients.

Creating mobile landing pages is a mix and match of several techniques and expertise in each step is required for excellent final outcome. From designing to coding and making it ready for the mobile screen – we deliver one stop solutions for all your needs. Mobile landing pages are created to convert visitors into the customers. When social media functionality is integrated with it, it can create the magic for your business. For viral marketing effect on your product or service, you need to be precise and client specific. Your landing page should not be messed with so many texts, neither it will miss the opportunity to say the whole thing about the featured products or services. It should be sober, yet attractive! Balancing these entire factors and providing the cutting edge solution is a guarantee from our part.


A landing page is like a poster and the only different is that the ‘landing page’ is used in the online media and ‘poster’ is often used in print media. Apart from these, landing pages are very much like posters, though with landing pages you can earn more profits and it will take you directly to your main website or business website. Posters cannot do that, but can serve your phone numbers and address.

After the advent of Smartphones into the market, things have become even easier for the people of this era to get connected with internet. Some people use their mobile phones to shop online. And the number of such shoppers is rising day by day. Promoting business features or discount coupons or offers through social media mobile landing page can be highly effective as you can get so many customers or clients for your featured products and services.

An attractive landing page can be a bet for the business houses and if the content of the landing page can make a buyer convince, instant business transaction will take place. In case of posters, people often see and then after sometime forget about it. But landing page can turn into a real boon by converting the visitor into the client or customer.

  • Our Mobile Marketing Landing pages are specifically designed to convert mobile visitors to your web site into valued customers, enabling you to take full advantage of the EXPLOSION in mobile traffic and grow Your Business...Mobile Marketing is the future and it's here NOW so it's essential to mobilize Your Business TODAY!
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  • We feature seamless solutions, when it comes to social media landing page creation. From conceptualisation to design and implementation – we feature all these tasks and that is why OME SEO is regarded as a value for money solution for the clients. For creating a landing page, our creative team and programming team work together and accomplish the target of providing client based solution, as per exact requirements.

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