SEO is the process of developing the structure and content of a website to improve performance with search engines to get the highest possible ranking. Recent surveys show that more than 85% of internet users use search engines to find services, products and other information. Search engines have become the primary search tool for online users so therefore it is essential that your website is optimised for search engines like Google and Bing.

There are two main approaches to improve your search engine rankings:

  • Organic SEO

This works by adding keywords and phrases to your website so that it gets found easily by search engine algorithms.

  • Paid advertising

The works using Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with Google AdWords to sponsor certain search terms and pay a small amount every time a visitor clicks on your link.

Over 80% of people dislike paid adverts and refuse to click on them because they prefer to look at unbiased sites that are perceived as more trustworthy. This means that no matter how much you pay for adverts, the majority of customers will ignore them.

It is estimated that over 85% of people use the internet to search for products or services with the intent of purchasing products or services. SEO can revolutionise your business because it ensures that your website has all the necessary criteria to position high in search results. Unless your site appears prominently on search engines, your potential customers could go elsewhere.

OME SEO is a complete internet marketing solution for local businesses. With our SEO techniques, we can give your company the maximum exposure with customers in your local area and a greater return on your investment compared to traditional forms of advertising.

The period of time it takes for SEO to impact your marketing performance depends on the current state of your website,  keywords selected and the level of optimisation already implemented.

If your website is new, we suggest that it takes around 3 months before experiencing significant benefits. However if your website is more established, results can occur much faster and within 3 to 6 weeks.

Results may start happening within the first month itself on search engines like MSN and Yahoo because these search engines update their databases quicker than Google.

Nobody can guarantee a number 1 ranking on Google or other search engines within a specific time limit. At OME SEO our experts keep up to date on search engine algorithms and therefore we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with regards to improved search engine rankings. 

OME SEO employs the latest techniques and approaches to meet our clients unique requirements and improve their search engine rankings.

We are the best at helping you get high quality and targeted traffic to your website. You can trust us to provide outstanding customer service and give you value for money on your investment.

You can contact us immediately using the live-chat function on the OME SEO website and we will give you a free website analysis or free SEO quote. We are always available 24/7 to answer all your SEO and web queries, so feel free to get in touch.

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